Viña Tarapacá renews agreement which will support conservation of 1,000 hectares in central Chile

Living up to its purpose, «Restoring the world’s biodiversity», and one year after signing a partnership with the international certifier «1% for the planet», Viña Tarapacá renewed its agreement with this global organisation through which it donates part of the profits from the Gran Reserva range of wines to conservation projects.

Currently, the brand’s donations are managed by the Fundación Tierra Austral, which channels them to causes aimed at protecting the Mediterranean ecosystem of central Chile through a variety of conservation initiatives.

To commemorate this milestone, a meeting was held at the Cerro Poqui Nature Sanctuary, located in the O’Higgins Region.  At the event, Victoria Alonso, Executive Director of Fundación Tierra Austral, toured the trails of the hill and installed nesting houses as a symbol of this agreement in the company of VSPT’s Marketing Manager Rosario Fernández, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director Carolina Gotuzzo, and International Business Director Germán del Río, among other company executives.

It was precisely on Cerro Poqui – which is now a park open to the public – where the first brand donations were centred. This area is part of the Altos de Cantillana mountain range, which surrounds the entire Viña Tarapacá estate. The funds are currently directed at strengthening the growth of this sanctuary, its management and administration, so that it can develop into a centre for recreation, environmental education and scientific research of great importance in the region.

This is not something new for the brand. Since 2016, they have been implementing a Biodiversity Master Plan, which aims to preserve and protect the flora and fauna of their estate located in the heart of the Maipo Valley. This was the driving force that prompted them to sign the 2022 agreement with «1% For The Planet», a global movement that encourages companies, non-profit organisations and individuals to donate part of their profits to fund environmental solutions.

Viña Tarapacá, part of VSPT Wine Group, and the Tierra Austral Foundation thereby demonstrate their firm commitment to the protection of ecosystems and the preservation of the biodiversity of central Chile.

This partnership represents a major milestone in the wine industry, where VSPT Wine Group has led the way in developing a sustainability model that drives sustainable progress in an industry that relies heavily on nature.

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