Viña Tarapacá cuenta con un amplio reconocimiento internacional, lo que la ha posicionado como una de las viñas chilenas de mayor trayectoria y tradición.

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Since 1874, in the heart of the Maipo valley, Viña Tarapacá has been crafting unique wines of outstanding quality. These estate bottled wines earned their first award in the US in 1876, and have been obtaining awards ever since.

Viña Tarapacá was founded in 1874, in the feet of Andes range. Since then we’ve been making wines that are a reflection of our over-a-hundred-year-old tradition and contemporary elegance. In 1876, just two years after its foundation, Viña Tarapacá obtained its first international award at the Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia, United States.

Our vineyards are located in Maipo Valley, the most traditional valley in Chile, which also has the best qualities for the premium wines production. A unique ecosystem to develop excellence wines, where a careful grape selection from the right terroir for each variety, promotes the obtaining of high quality, complex and balanced wines.

Viña Tarapacá is part of the VSPT Wine Group, which has wineries in Chile and Argentina. Each one of them has highly prestigious brands in markets abroad. VSPT Wine Group is Chile’s second largest wine exporter and the first within national fine wines market.

Viña Tarapacá is internationally renowned as one of the Chilean wineries with the greatest history and tradition. All throughout its history, Viña Tarapacá has followed a successful path that has led it to become an iconic Chilean viticulture brand, and to have its wines placed in more than 60 countries.

Historical highlights

slid-180x4841874 Viña Tarapacá is founded as “Viña de Rojas,” named to honor its owner Francisco de Rojas y Salamanca. The vineyards were planted with French varieties.


1875 Viña Tarapacá wins its first national award: a Silver Medal at the Santiago World’s Fair.


1876 The winery wins first its international award: a Silver Medal at the US Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.


1892 Manuel Zavala-Meléndez acquires the winery and changes the name to Viña Tarapacá to honor the Chilean province of the same name.


1992 The Chilean matches company, an important forestry holding, takes control of Viña Tarapacá to focus the target on the wine production for international markets, supported by the wide tradition within the national market. The group acquired a 2600-hectare state called El Rosario de Naltahua, which included 600 hectares that were planted with vines irrigated by the Maipo River. The main reason for this acquisition was to be able to offer a larger fine wines volume to the customers.


2008 Viña Tarapacá becomes part of the VSPT Wine Group, Chile’s second largest fine wine exporter and the first fine wine producer in Chile.