Baccharis linearis
Cobbler's peg

This is a very important species because it hosts a large number of insects, which are key for the biological control of pests, as parasites and predators.

Hypochaeris scorzonerae

Native herbaceous species with taproot, which helps to decompact soils and therefore, to improve their structure, contributing to soil quality.

Echinopsis chiloensis

Species typical of environments with a deficiency of moisture available for life (e.g., desert environments), which are found on our slopes with northern exposure.

Cryptocaria alba

An endemic species characteristic of the Chilean countryside and a carbon dioxide consumer. When the temperature rises, the Peumo releases humidity into the atmosphere. In addition, bees feed on it and it attracts diverse bird species.

Amsinckia calycina
Yellow burweed

Species with very low water consumption which generates a green cover, protecting soils from erosion and provides pollen and nectar during flowering.

Acacia caven

A species belonging to the legume family, important for soils as a nitrogen fixer.

Eryngium paniculatum

Native shrub with very showy flowers. It attracts a large number of functional insects for biological pest control.

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