Sustainable Initiatives

Use of Renewable Energy

To ensure a cleaner and more efficient operation, we use renewable and non-conventional energy, such as solar panels and biogas. The latter makes the most of the organic waste from the harvest to transform it into an energy source. After being used to produce energy, the residues from this process are returned to the vineyard in the form of fertilizer.

Conscious Vineyard Care

We have a technological irrigation system that allows us to optimize the use of water in the vineyard. This system detects the state and water demand of the soils, plants and climatic conditions, providing maximum precision in irrigation and considerably increasing efficiency by dosing the amount of water according to the needs of the vineyards.

Waste Management

All of our industrial waste is recycled, reused or used to produce energy. We also have a composting field for the grape harvest waste generated during the harvest. These become a natural fertilizer for our vineyards, contributing to the care of living soils.


We are committed to ensuring an efficient and responsible use of raw materials, managing and reducing waste. With regard to the environmental impact generated by our containers and packaging, we activate ecopackaging initiatives in line with our purpose, such as eliminating the use of PVC and incorporating recyclable paper and bottles.

Expanding Our Actions

We adhere to the WINES OF CHILE Sustainability Code and are members of the INTERNATIONAL WINES FOR CLIMATE ACTION. These commitments challenge us to comply and commit to various sustainable actions and practices.

Enjoy Responsibly