Natural Clos

Central Chile: Biodiversity Hotspot

Our vineyard is located in Central Chile, one of the 35 hotspots of the world. A hotspot is a place rich in native and endemic biodiversity, but which has lost at least 70% of its original natural vegetation.

The Natural Clos of the Maipo Valley

Viña Tarapacá's vineyard is a natural Clos (French word meaning enclosed), because it is naturally protected by the Cantillana Mountain Range and the Maipo River. This unique location protects our vineyards thanks to its slopes and gives it a unique microclimate, creating a privileged origin to produce quality wines.

Master Plan

We seek to protect and promote the development of endemic and native flora and fauna, as we are aware of the importance of maintaining the natural and ecosystemic balances of our estates and vineyards.
Our Biodiversity Master Plan is carried out by agronomists, ecologists and landscapers, who aim to preserve and restore the balance between the flora and fauna of the agricultural estate.

Biological Corridors

To protect the natural balance of our environment, we established a network of biological corridors that cross our vineyards, connecting areas that are natural habitats or refuges for native species, such as the Maipo River with the Altos de Cantillana, helping the Clos species to be distributed throughout the estate.
Our biological corridors total more than 11 thousand trees and shrubs of more than 35 native or endemic species.

Ecological Restoration

We developed a restoration program in areas of abandoned crops and forested areas, thus helping to reestablish flora and fauna in areas that had previously been degraded (22.6 hectares). We also replaced introduced flora in the vineyard with native species.
These actions substantially help to further populate Tarapacá's flora and fauna.

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